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  • Neodymium iron boron magnet

    Neodymium, iron, boron and other elements are fired and have extremely high magnetic properties...

    Neodymium iron boron magnet

  • Samarium cobalt magnet

    Samarium, cobalt and other elements fired have good magnetic properties, as well as excellent high...

    Samarium cobalt magnet

  • ferrite magnet

    Iron, strontium or barium and other elements are fired to make it cheap because 80% of its components...

    ferrite magnet

  • Rubber magnet (soft magnet)

    Strontium oxide, iron oxide and chlorinated polyethylene are extruded and calendered into rubber composites...

    Rubber magnet (soft magnet)

  • Craftsmanship · Good Quality is Worth Your Own

    Strict inspection is carried out from raw material procurement, production, shipment and other links to ensure product quality

    01Preferred material

    When selecting materials, we usually choose the best materials that meet international standards, which are of good quality and low price. Stable performance and recyclable, welcome to order.
    Preferred material

    02High precision

    The product tolerance can be controlled within ± 0.03 by controlling the manufacturing process, and ultra-thin disks of 0.3~0.5mm can be produced at the same time.

    03Protective treatment

    Three layers of coating protection treatment, strong corrosion resistance. It can conduct in-depth development according to the market and provide perfect services for various industries.
    Protective treatment

    04Strictly control quality

    In terms of surface treatment, the mass production of salt spray can reach 96 hours (the laboratory measurement can reach 200 hours without rust), which is safe, environmentally friendly and has a long service life.
    Strictly control quality

    Our products cover all walks of life

    Xinlei knows your application needs better
    Application of microwave communication technology: radar detection technology, satellite communication, remote control technology, server switch, security equipment, router, wireless locator, electron...
    Refrigerator is indispensable in our current life. We often use refrigerators to help us save some leftovers and perishable food. Now the price of refrigerators in the market is high and low, and ther...
    Many of our common laptop widgets use magnets. For example, magnets are used in laptop speakers and small fan motors. In addition to that, you can also find a magnet on your portable computer's hard d...
    Maglev trains represent a replacement for old small and moving track trains that use the basic concept of magnetism to float on sliding rails. Magnetic suspension professional skills use electromagnet...
    The magnet generates a fixed magnetic field in the generator, the coil of the generator moves in the magnetic field, and the coil cuts the magnetic field to generate current, which is electromagnetic ...
    The function of the magnet in the speaker is to assist the vibration, the magnet will generate a magnetic field, and the voice coil of the speaker is placed in the magnetic field. When the audio curre...

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    We are a professional manufacturer of powerful magnets. We are trustworthy. Give it to us, and you don't need to worry
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    Committed to the design, development and production of magnetic circuit
    Optimize product structure through FAE simulation function

    Xinlei Magnetoelectric Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, has been focusing on the development and production of magnetic products for 22 years. At present, we have set up a production factory in Dongguan, Guangdong, and an office in Kunshan, Suzhou, and Taipei, Taiwan
    After more than 20 years of development, the company has a young and experienced team dedicated to the design, development and production of magnetic circuit; Optimize product structure through FAE simulation function to provide customers with solutions...
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